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ppc64le: building a custom version of grub2

If you need to test a custom version of grub2 you can follow the steps bellow to build the necessary packages for RHEL8 (it should also work on CentOS and Fedora):

subscription-manager register --username USER --password PWD --auto-attach

subscription-manager repos --enable codeready-builder-for-rhel-8-ppc64le-rpms

dnf update

dnf install dnf-utils

dnf groupinstall 'Development Tools'

yumdownloader --source grub2

rpm -ivh ./grub2-2.02-90.el8.src.rpm

dnf builddep ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/grub2.spec

scp -rp ./YOUR_FIX_OR_FEATURE.patch ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/

vi ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/grub.patches and add a new item at the end of the file:
Patch0318: YOUR_FIX_OR_FEATURE.patch

cd ./rpmbuild/

rpmbuild -bb ./SPECS/grub2.spec

cd ./RPMS/

cd ./ppc64le/

rpm -ivh --force ./*

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