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linux: Am I running in a VM?

I had to identify which kind of environmet my Linux was running (bare-metal or virtualized), to do so I did the following: You can also do:

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javascript: phantomjs on Power

PhantomJS ( is a headless WebKit scriptable with JavaScript. Officially it does not support Power, with builds available only for x86_64 architecture. But, if you want to use on your ppc64le, follow the steps below: The initial step is to get access to Power virtual machine for free at Minicloud. Then, once the VM is… Continue reading javascript: phantomjs on Power

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cloud: IBM Cloud Private CE Installation

This is a footage of the installation progress of IBM Cloud Private CEĀ on Ubuntu 16.04 ppc64le.

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linux: turn off password expiration

To disable password expiration for user <username>, use the following command:

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linux: Account locked due to N failed logins


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linux: setting the performance of the CPU

Install kernel-tools:   Check what are the available governors:   Set the desired governor: To manage it via GUI you can install the Gnome Shell Extension called CPU Power Manager.

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linux: locate your current JAVA_HOME

First install openjdk-8-jdk-headless:   Then execute: