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linux: Account locked due to N failed logins


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linux: setting the performance of the CPU

Install kernel-tools:   Check what are the available governors:   Set the desired governor: To manage it via GUI you can install the Gnome Shell Extension called CPU Power Manager.

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linux: locate your current JAVA_HOME

First install openjdk-8-jdk-headless:   Then execute:  

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x86_64: installing openstackclient on Fedora26

Follow the steps below to install openstackclient on your Fedora 26 (x86_64):

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linux: recursively downloading files from a FTP server protected by a robot

I needed to recursively download a set of files from a ftp server. As usual, my first option was to use wget to execute this job. When I issued the command, the following interesting message showed up: Note: I replaced the original FTP for <ftp_location>. Instead of downloading the files I wanted, it downloaded a file… Continue reading linux: recursively downloading files from a FTP server protected by a robot

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opensource: setup simulator

The IBM SDK Team, which I lead, is open sourcing its tools. The first one installs and configures the IBM POWER Functional Simulator. You can get it here 

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linux: find out file permissions numbers

When dealing with file on Linux you eventually will handle file permissions in multiple situations. Although the default permission schema shown by the command ls tends to be more intuitive given its verbosity, using a more simple view based on the permissions number might be faster (if you are familiar with it). For example, lets take… Continue reading linux: find out file permissions numbers