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kubernetes: restarting failing Pods

To reboot all your failing Pods you can execute the following command: p.s: ensure you have successfuly authenticated in your cluster before executing it.

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linux: configuring your Go development environment

Working daily with Docker and Kubernetes and several workloads written in GO is a very common task for me. Likewise, configuring a development environment on brand new VMs. To make this process easier, I wrote a simple script that automatically downloads and install the latest version of Go for Linux for x86_64, ppc64le and s390x… Continue reading linux: configuring your Go development environment

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ppc64le: Minio on Power

Minio is a high performance distributed object storage server, designed for large-scale private cloud infrastructure. Recently, while investigating alternatives to replace S3 on a Travis CI Enterprise setup I got Minio as an option. However, Minio wasn’t ported to Power, so my first step was to port it (which was very easy I would say).… Continue reading ppc64le: Minio on Power

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linux: Am I running in a VM?

I had to identify which kind of environmet my Linux was running (bare-metal or virtualized), to do so I did the following: You can also do:


linux: IP and hostname in the same line

A simple composition of commands to print the hostname and IP in the same line:

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java: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty

When configuring Jenkins on Ubuntu 18.04, I got the following error: To fix that, I had to do the following:

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ftp: send files to a specific directory in a ftp server using lftp via command line

So, you have access to a given FTP server with the appropriated user/password and now you want to push some files to it directly via command line, using a bash scrip, via your CI service, etc. How could you do this using lftp? Easy! The first step is to install lftp in your environment, you… Continue reading ftp: send files to a specific directory in a ftp server using lftp via command line