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ppc64le: creating a new CentOS8 .ova image for PowerVS

creating a new CentOS8 .ova image for PowerVS without a PowerVC 🙂

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linux: FREE access to OpenSUSE on Power

If you like OpenSUSE you can now try it for FREE at Unicamp’s Minicloud. The Minicloud is hosted by the University of Campinas – Unicamp, which is an academic member of the OpenPower Foundation. It provides free access to Power® virtual machines that can be used for development, testing or migration of applications to Power®. Enjoy!

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power: building your own version of Advance Toolchain

The IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power is stand-alone set of open source development tools and run-time libraries allows users to take leading edge advantage of IBM’s latest POWER hardware features on Linux. It provides functionalities ahead of what is supported by current Linux distribution and does not rely on the system toolchain, requiring minimum dependencies. A new release… Continue reading power: building your own version of Advance Toolchain