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openstack: calculate for how long a server is running

Today I needed to collected the time between the creation of server and the current day. Given some activities that requires monitoring those servers, an automated approach is vital for optimizing the amount of time dedicating to it. As I couldn’t find an option that could give the result right away in the openstack-cli tool, I wrote my own script to solve this issue.

I uploaded it under Apache 2 License at my GitHub, fell free to use it

23:24:23 | Mon Feb 26
rpsene@rpsene : master ./ ppc64le

The server travis-cb8954-ppc64le-master (3c32405a-6eeb-466f-8474-6e3b8648fafd) is running for 0h:47m:54s
The server travis-cb8954-ppc64le-worker-1 (889bfa63-bd70-4524-8984-1b462da451d8) is running for 0h:48m:32s
The server travis-cb8954-ppc64le-worker-2 (dbb1c5ce-fc5b-4c9c-88f3-e4413d1fc1fb) is running for 0h:48m:44s
The server travis-b110f5-ppc64le-master (15765098-a457-40d9-8687-c7631caaa0e5) is running for 6h:6m:27s
The server travis-b110f5-ppc64le-worker-2 (05631393-c52d-494b-9b3e-28b98ff4100a) is running for 6h:7m:6s
The server travis-b110f5-ppc64le-worker-1 (93b06182-8a5a-4945-90e7-6df80415190c) is running for 6h:7m:19s
The server travis-4a7e69-ppc64le-master (f5135576-5222-46da-bd14-03affdd53db9) is running for 8h:41m:55s
The server travis-4a7e69-ppc64le-worker-1 (2dee0340-8043-4b06-b1c3-6856029a4859) is running for 8h:42m:34s
The server travis-4a7e69-ppc64le-worker-2 (a9d6f43d-3220-450e-b4a1-bd22695274e1) is running for 8h:42m:47s
The server travis-dce487-ppc64le-master (dc0deb3d-d2d3-4c2d-a949-151310f94191) is running for 303h:47m:48s
The server travis-dce487-ppc64le-worker-1 (a05592ae-dfc7-4f28-b7bd-d98f0ea3f429) is running for 303h:48m:36s
The server travis-dce487-ppc64le-worker-2 (611dc709-5bbf-4c80-92bc-3a6ae11ce610) is running for 303h:48m:50s


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