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openstack: delete unused volumes

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ppc64le: installing openstack CLI on RHEL 8.x

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openshift on ppc64le: check whether or not the storage of a node is good enough for etcd

The image used in this test is hosted at and the source code at

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macos: DEPRECATION: Uninstalling a distutils installed project (six)

When trying to install openstack-cli on MacBook Pro, the following problem showed up: To fix it, I used the following command:  

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openstack: calculate for how long a server is running

Today I needed to collected the time between the creation of server and the current day. Given some activities that requires monitoring those servers, an automated approach is vital for optimizing the amount of time dedicating to it. As I couldn’t find an option that could give the result right away in the openstack-cli tool,… Continue reading openstack: calculate for how long a server is running

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openstack: modifying an image where you lost access

0 – Install python-openstaclient and unlock the access to the openstack where your VM is located. 1 – Download the image you want to modify 2 – Install Qemu utils 3 – Export the image to nbd. The first command loads the nbd kernel module. The “max_part=N” option specifies the maximum number of partitions we… Continue reading openstack: modifying an image where you lost access

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openstack: delete VMs in ERROR or OFFLINE state

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openstack: deleting several VMs automatically

Instead of deleting several VMs using Openstack UI you can execute it by the command line, making the process semi-automated. The first step is to install the openstack command on your Linux distribution. You can learn more about it here. Once the setup is done, you can use the following command to filter and deleted… Continue reading openstack: deleting several VMs automatically

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x86_64: installing openstackclient on Fedora26

Follow the steps below to install openstackclient on your Fedora 26 (x86_64):